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3 Keys to a Happier, Healthier Life

  • If there is one thing in life that everybody wants
  • Regardless of race
  • Religion or socioeconomic standing
  • It is to be happy
  • Even the most cynical
  • Pessimistic among us want to experience tha


  • We can get so caught up in all the bad stuff in our lives
  • And in the world
  • That we truly do not believe we can have a better life
  • We are conditioned to be pessimistic and expect the worse
  • We are taught not to expect much out of life
  • We operate on auto pilot
  • Just taking whatever comes our way without a fight

But, it does not have to be that way; no matter what you believe now, or what your life is like now, it can be better and you can be happier and healthier. Here are some tips to help you accomplish just that.

Take Responsibility for Your Life

You will never be a happier person until you can take complete responsibility for your life. A mindset that believes nothing is our fault and that it is always someone else’s makes you a victim, and victims can never be happy. You have to examine your life and own up to the role you played in your current circumstances. Sure, life is unfair sometimes. and people do things to us that negatively impact us, but we have a choice on how to handle the challenges. Do not give away your power to other people; do not blame others for your unhappiness.

Live Your Own Truth

Was never truly happy until I was living my life in line with who I really was and doing what I really wanted to do; now, you can probably throw a million excuses at me right now as to why you cannot do such things, but you can. It is quite simple really, just not easy to implement. Throw off the identities that no longer suit you; stop living your life for the approval of others.

  • So long as you are not hurting anyone in your pursuit for happiness, proceed as you see fit
  • And by hurting others, I mean truly hurting them
  • Not upsetting others who will no longer get what they want when you start pursuing what you do
  • You may face criticism and judgment
  • It will be uncomfortable at times
  • But, other people’s reactions have nothing to do with you
  • It is all about them. You will challenge them and make them question their own lives and beliefs
  • And no one likes that

Learn to Love and Appreciate Your Body Judging

By the state of most people’s health in our society, most of us are clearly not loving and appreciating our bodies. If we did, we would be taking much better care of them. Having a healthy body can greatly contribute to your happiness and well-being because people who care for their physical health are appreciative and grateful for a healthy body, and appreciation and gratitude always make for a happier life.

  • If you really stop and think about all the amazing things our body does
  • You will feel much more compelled to take good care of it
  • Making healthy decisions will not be as difficult
  • You can accomplish this through several means
  • Such as eating better
  • Reducing stress through the use of natural supplements such as the highly prized SE Asian herb cartoon
  • And exercising more
  • Your body may not be perfect but that does not mean you cannot love it

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