3 Phone Hacks for Your Next Road Trip

Almost everyone knows how road trips work. You set your destination, go there, and have fun. That simple right? It is! With such a simple way to have a good time, you probably wouldn’t think that you would have to unlock your phone to enjoy a road trip. However, doing so allows you to use your phone to its fullest potential and, with technology nowadays, help you to enjoy a visit to a destination even more. Whether you are still on the way or at the location, these phone hacks will make your next road trip absolutely memorable:


Use Road Trip Apps


Using road trip apps is the best way to make the most out of your travel! An example such as “Roadtrippers” is such an app. You will start using by inputting your travel preferences, such as preferred types of places to visit, types of attractions you like, and the budget you have for the trip. It will help guide you in which routes to take in order to be fuel-efficient and what stopovers could possible interest you along the way.

Another good app is “Headout”. This app highlights nearby events that also interest other people. You can see how many people have booked to go to a said event within the last few hours. When you see the number are high, then you can trust that there will be a lot of people in the event and probably because it’s going to be really fun. This is especially useful for the traveler that is looking for something memorable to do when visiting their destination.


Crowdsourcing Apps


Aside from the road trip apps, you can also install crowdsourcing apps as well. These are great to get recommendations from locals of the best places to eat and visit. An app such as Localeur is one such app. It only allows locals to make recommendations, so you can trust what you see on it. After all, locals know the place better than any traveler! This will help you to avoid any “tourist traps”; places marketed to be great but really aren’t.


AirBnb or Similar Apps


Use AirBnb or any similar app when you’re looking for a place to stay in. With these apps you can find rooms that are comfortable enough to rival any of the local hotels at an affordable price. Not to mention there is a more home-y vibe.

When you wish to book one, you can do the reservations and communication with the host of the room straight from the app itself. How convenient! Just remember that you will get what you pay for at times.

Key Takeaway


As you can see, hacking your phone to be optimized for road trips is all about installing the right apps. That’s why you need to have your phone unlocked; so you won’t be limited by the networks connectivity and app exclusivity. You can install any of these travel apps so that you and your friends will have the most memorable trip of your lives. So get that pin that unlocks your sim network today and plan the road trip you’ve always dreamed of.

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