4 Tips for Restaurant Menu Design


Menu design

Can make a firm impression on the mind of a potential diner. Some customers make their decision based on the selection of offerings and how the dishes are laid out via your menu design. Take great time and care in organizing your menu to boost profitability and build your brand effectively.

How do you want to convey your brand to your target audience?

Think about reaching your ideal restaurant customer each time you sit down to design your menu. Glancing through a menu provides diners with a glimpse into what your restaurant and brand has to offer them.

If you carefully choose the right font and match the design of your restaurant with the style of the menu you can make an indelible mark on the mind of your customers and increase sales quickly. Patiently pick the right menu coloring and décor to remain consistent to your brand.

List out Your Needs Create a list of each type of menu

You need to design. Most restaurants offer

  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Breakfast
  • Drink menus

Consider designing a separate dessert menu as well to add a nice touch to your presentation. Kid’s menus and happy hour menus are two other options you might wish to consider. Visualize if you want to insert the menu sheet into a cover or if you would rather use a folded flat sheet. Choose an appropriate-sized sheet of paper. Save yourself time and effort by designing all of your menus at once.

Think About Your Restaurant Style

Menus are part of your restaurant brand. Imagine how you wish to extend your brand through your menu selection. A Thai restaurant menu might employ Asian design to add to the ambiance of the experience. Passerby should receive a solid impression of what your restaurant has to offer by simply glancing at the menu design on checking out your options. Go with a clean menu design to match a modern, sleep restaurant interior.

Perhaps designing a black and white menu with the appropriate script font would vibe with a stylized, classical restaurant. Choose warm tones for family restaurants to create an inviting experience for all diners.

Note Details Pay strict attention to details to create a pleasurable experience for diners

  • Avoid unprofessional mistakes like crossing out prices
  • Writing over prices in ink
  • Misspelling ingredients or using bunched together fonts
  • Replace any stained or ripped menus
  • Customers note these mistakes
  • Form an impression of your restaurant and overall brand based on any errors you might make in menu design
  • Place your proposed menu on tables and in your restaurant’s lighting to see how it performs in a real world setting

Focus on the End Game Designing

A menu to fit your brand and match your restaurant design are two lesser parts of the overall design equation. Generating sales through orders is your chief goal. Keep an eye on profitability when you set up your menu design. Organize your menu items to maximize your profit. Use visual cues or other techniques to highlight your most in demand dishes. Making your signature dish stand out from the crowd can boost sales quickly.

Cluster menu

  • Items to promote ease of search. Never make it difficult for patrons to select a dish. If you offer gluten-free or vegan options, consider designing a separate menu for these dishes.
  • Place specials
  • Highlighted items in the upper right quadrant since most people scan this area of a meu first
  • Desserts and drinks should appear on separate menus
  • Up selling through multiple menus can boost your profits
  • Post daily specials on one sheet to avoid reprinting multiple sheets
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