Building a Home Recording Studio

A Decent Start to Building a Home Recording Studio

Building your home studio is a massive project in reality. To have a proper recording studio will take several years of planning, preparation and research. However, the most important step is to start building the home recording studio. Sometimes, people waste a lot of time thinking. However, their thoughts are not transformed into actions. You should follow a step by step procedure while building your home recording studio. However, do not aim to have everything in the beginning. You should seek to start off in a simple manner. Otherwise, you may be –



It will be the reason for you to quit

The recording is an expensive task. Therefore, most of the musicians try to record songs as cheap as possible. However, you should not surrender the quality of a song regarding money. You should always remember that you should have a steady and decent start towards building your home studio. You should consider spending the necessary amounts for the sake of good – quality music. However, some of the essentials of a home recording studio, in the beginning, could be listed as follows –

Building a Home Recording Studio


When you are starting to build your home studio, the first thing you should buy is a computer. You should aim to purchase a computer fast enough to serve your purpose. You can always upgrade to advanced models at a later stage.

A DAW/Audio Interface

The digital audio workstation is used for the purpose of recording, editing and mixing songs. You should use the audio interface as a hardware to connect the computer to the other gears.


You should have a good number of microphones for your studio. The first mic that is recommended to everyone while setting up a studio is the Shure SM – 57. This is useful because

  • It is versatile
  • Recognized worldwide
  • It is cheap


Just like the mics, headphones form a vital part of your studio. For a better quality of recording, you must have the studio headphones that fit your purpose. For the purpose of studio, you may choose

Closed back headphones for tracking

Open back headphones for mixing

Studio Monitors

Mixing is always done on speakers. These speakers are known as studio monitors in the industry. The monitors have a flatter frequency response that can provide a neutral, uncolored sound for judging your mix.

XLR Cables

A recording studio ideally should have at least 3 XLR cables. The cables you need are as follows –

Long XLR cable for the mic

Short XLR cables for the monitors

Some of the good – quality XLR cables that may be recommended for your studio are as follows –

Mogami Silver XLR 25ft (1x)

Mogami Silver XLR 6ft (2x)

Mogami TRS/XLRM 6ft (2x)

However, you should look forward buying cables that are within your budget.

A mic stand

You should always have a solid mic stand for your recording studio. You might consider buying a cheap but sturdy mic stands in the beginning. However, with time you are advised to God for good – quality ones.

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