Portable Solar Kits

A Know How About Portable Solar Kits

It is known that the depletion of non renewable sources of energy has caused man to to look at renewable forms of energy. Sun being the major source of energy to earth, this source can be tapped and utilised for many purposes. The use of solar panels and batteries used to store and solar Power and generate them to the users is now greatly picking up. It has now being installed in homes, offices, other large establishments where there is a huge consumption of energy. Many of our energy requirements are met by the usage of solar energy from, heating cooking, lighting etc. Here is a know how about portable solar kits –

Installing solar energy panels in your home and office

Portable Solar Kits

Installing solar energy panels in your home and other places will not only benefit for saving a lot of electricity but puts your energy bills to a new low. There is also a good thing to cheer about too, the local authorities will also give you a rebate in your electricity bill if you have installed the solar energy panels. In some states you may even get a tax credit. If you happen to take a loan for installing solar energy sourcing then you will get a loan at a lesser interest rate.

Installing solar energy generators is getting more affordable over the years and people have realised that using this clean and efficient form of energy will definitely bring changes in the energy consumption rate. There is a need to install batteries to save the energy generated. The batteries last according to the maintenance, the capacity and brand. The number of solar panels for a particular home is subjective to

  • The energy needs of the house
  • The size of the house
  • The affordability

These panels can last a a life time if they are good quality and maintained with proper care.

The kinds of batteries that are available

  • Lead acid batteries
  • Lithium ion batteries

The need of best portable solar kit

When people go trekking, hiking, camping etc. there is always the problem of having no electricity in many of these places. This is where solar kits come handy, especially for a photographer who wants to take a picture but has power for his camera or install flash lights. These best portable solar kits can be used for so many things such help charge your smart phones, laptops and mind you an AC inverter too.

There are so many portable solar kits available in the market, one should choose with discretion at what are the energy requirements and value for money. There are kits which are foldable like suit cases and can be carried anywhere to the location and installed. Backpackers and campers find this ideal and it helps them solve many of the energy issues in no man’s land.

These solar kits not only provide for the energy requirements but they are easy on the eye with rugged design heavy duty look.

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