Caring for Your Garden

A Garden

Is one of the most beautiful accents you can add to the front, side or rear of a house. It can be a large collection of blossoming flowers or a simple plot of herbs and vegetables that provide you with sustenance. If you are in the process of maintaining your own garden or want to start from scratch, here are some tips on how you can ensure that it remains beautiful and nourishing for years to come.

Match Plants with Climate

One of the most important things to keep in mind when tending to your garden is a plant’s natural climate.

  • You may wish to grow a cactus
  • But it will never survive in the rainy atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest
  • Similarly, you may want to tend to bleeding hearts, but they can’t thrive in the deserts of the Southwest
  • Research your home climate before planting anything to ensure the best results

Watering Your Plants Think

Of watering your plants as a ritual that you must perform on a schedule without fail. If it helps

  • Think of your new plants as household pets
  • They need water in order to survive
  • And often on a strict schedule throughout the week
  • Don’t simply head into your garden and water whatever looks dry
  • Ask a local botanist or professional at a gardening store to find out information on the plants that you own
  • Once you have devised a watering schedul
  • Keep to it
  • And watch your plants grow and thrive

Feeding Your Plants

As plants decay, they naturally create different chemical compounds through the decomposition process that act as plant food for the soil below. If you are a careful gardener, though, you most likely trim off or clip these unnecessary dead parts to keep an orderly garden. While this is beneficial for the aesthetics of your plot, it robs the soil of extra nutrients that help grow future flowers.
Don’t fret, though! You can easily replace these nutrients by finding a high-quality plant food at your local gardening store. The best foods contain ample amounts of phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. They will provide detailed instructions on the correct way to administer the nutrients throughout your garden.

Prune Your Plants man

beginning gardeners are fearful of pruning their plants with the belief that it should only be done by a professional. This is not true, though, and simple maintenance of your flowers can make a world of difference. Clip any dead ends, trim any crowded areas, and turn to a book on botany if you are ever unsure about your methods or processes. Remember, gardening is fluid. Throughout the years, tending to your plot you will grow your knowledge of the plants and soil at your feet.

Go Forth and Garden

Tending to a garden at home can be both a therapeutic and sustaining practice. Use these tips to start your first garden and keep them at hand as you tend to the greenery and blooms! This article was written by Billy Dunham, a home improvement expert who looks forward to helping you have an even better home. He writes this on behalf of BIO Landscape & Maintenance, Inc., your number one choice when looking for commercial landscaping services.

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