Acquiring Donors VS Retaining Donors

The first rule to understand about crowdfunding is that supporters are the backbone of your campaign. Initially, crowdfunding can give your initiative a great boost to take off, but sooner or later you will realize the need to have a network of steady supporters. Having a donor retention strategy is essential for the long-term benefit of your nonprofit. Steady supporters implies those people and organizations that aren’t simply there for a one time contribution, but instead those that really believe in your cause, and will stand by it well after the campaign is over. Given that your supporters are deeply invested in your cause, it is only fair to ensure that you take efforts in keeping them engaged, and making them an intrinsic part of your campaign, as opposed to just a one-time contributor. Make them feel special by letting them know about how their contribution means much more than just money for your initiative.

So as facilitators of  fundraising, we’d like to share a few tricks that will help you plan a donor retention strategy:

Make them the face of your campaign

Your supporter cares, and empathizes. He/she would be a great tool to channelize those empathetic values to others. Supporters will be able to connect you to other like-minded people from different philanthropic networks. This gives you the chance to tap into new potential donors, as well as it gives the supporter a chance to extend their help and feel like they are adding value to your cause. Moreover, this is a great method to involve and motivate your supporters, and create and maintain goodwill for your initiative.

Request a testimonial

A written, spoken, or audio-visual testimonial by them would add a lot of value to your campaign, as well as convey the authenticity and validate your work in the minds of potential donors. A supporter has most likely dedicated time and resources to stand by the cause. It would be a great communication tool if they could share their experiences with others, and let them know the good work your social enterprise or nonprofit is involved in.

Engage in offline activities

Offline activities are one of the best ways to maintain the attention of a supporter. Your offline activities can include volunteer days, fundraiser events, marathons for a cause, and so much more. Ask your supporters to bring their families and friends and you will be able to mobilize larger crowds towards your cause.

Signing a petition

Supporters need to feel like they are adding value. Signing petitions is not only a great way to convey your message to many people at one time (through social media), but is also a great way to employ a call-to-action activity. Additionally, signing a petition is a very simple task that would only take a few moments of one’s time, but still make a huge difference to your cause by providing it with the much-needed traction.

Convey gratitude

Last but not the least, something as simple as a thank you note, or a mention on social media, can go a long way in empowering the supporters of your cause.

Through crowdfunding in India, nonprofits and NGOs can bring financial sustainability in their social work. So if you’re new to online fundraising, use these tricks to maximize the impact of your first crowdfunding India campaign with Impact Guru, today!

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