Value of Security Audits

Don’t Get Caught Unawares: The Value of Security Audits

Has your business ever fallen victim to an unexpected crime? With the alarming crime rate in South Africa, security companies are vital to protecting your business’ assets, but so often the greatest weakness in these efforts is a lack of information. The most expensive security measures are essentially no good if they do not guard against the real threats you face.

This is why effective security service providers like Apache Security make use of security audits. A proper security audit is the best way to ensure that you are not caught unawares. Some of the vital aspects of this process are:

Identifying Your Critical Assets

Value of Security Audits

What is the most critical asset in your business? If you run a car dealership, then most likely your critical asset would be the cars on your sales floor. For a clothing store, it would be the clothes on the racks and shelves.

It may seem obvious, but there are many businesses who are not aware of how much they stand to lose if these assets are vulnerable, instead focusing on protecting their cash registers and paperwork. There are also some businesses where the critical assets are entirely unknown. Resultantly, the first step for any effective security services company is always to find out exactly what these assets are in your business.

IdentifyingYour Vulnerabilities

Again, this may seem obvious, but it is key to the security of your assets. While criminals won’t sneak a car out of a dealership in a bag, this is a clear vulnerability for a clothing store, and a much greater vulnerability than the chance of somebody robbing the cash register.

Another case in recent South African news is the case of a watch store that had its windows smashed by robbers who then grabbed a number of Rolexes.While this might be an unexpected act, with security present in the mall and cameras and witnesses about, the fact remains that it was a vulnerability which was exploited.

Planning for Cost-Effective and Adequate Protection

By going through the identification of critical assets and the vulnerabilities they face, it is possible for South African security companies to provide clients with an effective plan of action going forward. With this information at hand, your security service company can minimise your costs by removing ineffective security measures and instead focusing efforts where they will count most. Whether this be installing cameras in key locations, posting officers at doors or even reinforcing windows, there is a solution.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though. Contact a reputable security service company to have your business’ security audited and be sure to get the protection you need.

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