In today’s hectic and demanding life we may forget a lot of things. But the innocence of our childhood is something which we will cherish all our life and to imagine our childhood without songs and nursery rhymes would indeed be very difficult. One can relive those joyous carefree moments of their childhood by downloading for free any English children songs mp3 or nursery rhymes mp3 available online widely.

We all have fond memories of singing Ring-a-ring-a roses in a circle with our friends and bruising those delicate bums when we all fell down together. And how many countless times one must have recited Twinkle, twinkle little star and never got bored. In fact we still sing that even today for fun.

The Teddy Bears picnic and Tennessee Wig walk remains my favorite songs and I never get tired listening to them. Tennessee Wig walk is for obvious reasons so funny that I can never stop smiling no matter how often I sing it. I like The Teddy Bears Picnic Jambaze cause I was always left wondering why should I be scared of a teddy bear when he is so harmless and just lying around on my bed doing nothing all day long.

The earliest children songs can be traced back to the 1600’s which were The Three Blind Mice and Oranges And Lemons. Tales of Mother Goose in French by Charles Perrault is one of the earliest children books published. It’s hard to believe but songs like Little Bo Beep and London Bridge Is Falling Down which we sing to date were actually written way back in the 18th century.

The Grimm Brothers, Sir Walter Scott, Sabine Gould, Andrew Lang, Arthur Rackham, Peggy Seeger, Sherman Brothers, John Bratton, Jimmy Kennedy, Iona and  Peter Opie, Bobby Susser are some of the many people who have helped keep the traditional English children songs alive for generations as well as create new ones which are also quite popular with children today.

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