Features of Durapore silklike surgical tape

Features Of Durapore Silklike Surgical Tape

It’s a good habit to have a first-aid box at home. Even hospitals and clinics do maintain this box to provide primary care to people in need. The purpose of first-aid is to offer relief in minor cases of cuts, scrapes, burns, pain etc. Anyone in the family might need care of the immediate nature and since it takes some time to reach the hospital, you can turn to the first-aid box for help. Some of common medical tools recommended in the box include surgical tape, ointment, pain killers, dressings etc. And yes, the tape has to be there for wound care.

Here are features of Durapore silk like surgical tape –

Features of Durapore silklike surgical tape

1#    A general-purpose tape

A general-purpose tape is very effective and versatile in dealing with different types of wounds. It can help secure regular and bulky dressings and tubings with ease. The tape will be easy-to-use and capable of immobilizing fingers & toes. It can also stabilize finger splints easily. It’s not only economical but also of high-strength to work fine on wounds of any scale and nature.

2#    Hypoallergenic

Some patients are prone to allergy in cases where natural rubber latex is used. They however won’t feel any problem with medical products made with either synthetic rubber or any other material. Durapore tape is made from silk-like cloth, so it won’t pose any problems to those allergic to latex.

3#    Breathable and comfortable

The speed of wound healing is boosted when a breathable tape is used on the site. Being breathable means the tape will allow a flow of healthy air around the wound site. So, the site won’t suffocate due to lack of air and this helps in quick healing. The tape has small micro pores which make them breathable and thus comfortable for anyone with wounds.

4#    High-adhesion and high-strength

A quality tape is one that has high adhesion. It thus can adhere well to dry skin and poses absolutely no problem in removal. Similarly, it’s the strength of the tape that makes it capable of supporting wounds and their healing of any nature. The tapes lacking high-strength may not be able to provide the level of mechanical support required by wounds.

5#   Fit for post-surgery applications

High-grade tapes have non-irritating adhesives which make them easy removable. This feature is very helpful in post-surgery applications and also where frequent gauze changes are done. With no pain upon removal and repeated uses on sensitive skin, such a tape is helpful enough to feature in every first-aid box whether at home or hospitals.

6#   Customizable for any dressing 

The tape you plan to buy should be customizable for any dressing. It has to come with bi-directional tearing so that cutting them does not need scissor. Plus, it has to be gentle to the skin, and doctors should find it easy and quick to apply matching with any wound sizes and types. This is how a quality tape helps in wound care or wound management. So, buy it from online stores and be ready for delivery of primary care to anyone in need.

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