Halls in Pulau Penang

Fully-Equipped Rental Event Halls in Pulau Penang

Your event, regardless of the size, type, and occasion is special and should be treated as such. You cannot just rent any event hall you come across during your search. Get a fully-equipped and contemporarily furnished event hall and live to tell the success story. If like others, you are specific about the location and would prefer renting a hall in Seberang Jaya Malaysia, you can never go wrong by opting for a good event hall for rent in Pulau Penang. The Sunway Hotel should be in mind when in search of a rental function, seminar or meeting hall.

Professional Treat

All meeting and events held at Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya are treated with a high level of professionalism. There is a team of qualified event organizers who understand the tastes and preferences of different event attendees. They know how to flavor and customize the event to the preferences and requirements of different people. So, besides success and enjoyment, you and your guests will get a professional treatment.

Halls in Pulau Penang

Fully-Equipped Venues

All the event venues at Sunway Hotel are fully equipped and organized. Here, we offer all-inclusive banqueting and meeting facilities and services. Each of the rooms tailored for events rental is properly equipped with contemporary and classic meetings and events facilities. Also, all the rooms are equipped with fully-functional complimentary internet access. So, if you are the kind that would rather save the outcomes of their event online other than offline, these are the perfect event rental rooms for you.

Specially Toiled Secretarial Services

Secretarial services are quite crucial in the modern-day events. Even the smallest and less parked events require the services of secretaries. Keeping the proceedings of an event through writing has never been easy. Rather than wasting time discussing who among you has to record the event proceedings, you can get that work done easily and seamlessly by a professional and well-trained secretary.  We offer quality secretarial and communication services at the most budget-friendly rates ever. Our team of qualified secretaries and communicating specialists will take care of your event discussions and recordings to give your team ample time to ponder on more important areas of the meeting.

Different Room Sizes

All events are different and the number of attendees will always vary. Some events are quite large and will require more spacing than others. The event rental rooms at Sunway Hotel are specially designed to cater to the special needs and requirements of different events. It actually does not matter how big the event at hand is as we have rooms of all sizes and types. All the rooms are equipped to accommodate different sizes of events. Consult with our team to get a quotation for the event room you wish to rent today. Our team of specialists has in-depth knowledge of different event requirements so they will guide you on the best way to go about renting an event room that will serve your event’s best interests. You will never regret choosing our services.

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