Write Booster Club Articles of Incorporation

How to Write Booster Club Articles of Incorporation

Booster club Articles of incorporation are described below.

  1. First, name of corporation will be selected in accordance with the name of high school or college for which this booster club has been created.
  2. Then, the place for booster club incorporation will be selected. Before choosing the place one thing should be kept in mind that the address of the club is nearby to that organization or easily reachable, in case of any emergency.
  3. After selecting the place then it is the turn to appoint members of board of directors, a full team to successfully run the corporation. The number of members of directors is five.

 There mentioned are the members of board of directors.

  1. President
  2. Vice president
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Membership chairman

Their duties are also briefly described here:


Write Booster Club Articles of Incorporation

Will be responsible to preside all the meetings of the club. Moreover, he minutely observes all the financial or appoint committees. He is the head of board of directors, has all the rights. He keeps an eye on every matter processing in the club.


He performs all the tasks and functions as ordered by the president. In case when president is absent or any disability, vice president would have all the rights same as that of president.


Takes charge and control of the board of directors. He keeps all the records of membership meetings. He attains the same legal position as president and vice president and sign all the necessary papers and contracts.


He takes an account of all the financial records of the booster club, collect funds and authorize payments to the organization.

Membership chairman:

Booster Club rules and regulations

Will keep all the records of membership. He also provides useful advices and gives essential instructions to all the members of the club.

  1. Then a mission a specific purpose is designated for this booster club corporation. The main purpose of the club is to provide full support to the school organization. For developing, provoking and polishing new talents and skills of athletes. To organize and maintain all the educational programmes, athletic events and tournaments.

To collect funds with different fundraising methods and to develop a sense of donating among the members of the social community.

To build a cooperating relationship between parents of students and teachers or between parents of sports athletes to their fitness trainer or coach.

  1. Corporation of booster club will be responsible for all the activities which are performed in the high school or some college.
  2. Corporation will be sure to spend all the funds which are raised for a right purpose or mission for which it has been created.
  3. Meetings should be held between all the members of booster club on regular basis by following a scheduled routine. These meetings should be held to discuss important points for the welfare of the club or for alternating any of the constitution bylaws of the club. President of the corporation will be responsible for conducting these meetings. The members of board of directors are also appointed, selected and changed in those meetings.
  4. The fund raising which is collected should be deposited in a bank which is approved by board members.
  5. Booster club corporation will form there mentioned committees to meet the purpose of this organization formation.
  6. Laws, Booster Club rules and regulations
  7. Scholarship grants programme
  8. Collect donations
  9. Execution of papers, instruments and supplies of other essentials is the responsibility of corporation. When something is allotted from the club to the school then all the financial or important, necessary papers should be checked and signed by the president of the club. Allotment of essential instruments and sports equipment’s should firstly approve by the president and treasurer keeps all the records.

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