Translation Services in Businesses

Importance of Translation Services in Businesses

Belonging to an English-speaking country has a lot of advantages because English is indeed the pidgin of the business world and the most commonly learned foreign language across the world and of course, the official language of over 20 most important global organisations. However, being born in an English-speaking country has a downside too. It makes several native English speakers never consider incorporating another language in their life.

Although it’s true that English is among the top global languages, never translating content into various other languages like Chinese, Russian, Spanish etc. can be a huge mistake for a business, particularly for one in the financial sector. Unfortunately, most investment professionals and brokers realise this very late.

Missed Opportunities.

Translation Services in Businesses

As the latest report by EuroBarometer, English is considerably less popular than we believe. E.g. it’s the second language of just 39% of the French population, while in Italy it’s just 35% and in Spain, it’s less than 23%.

These figures wouldn’t be that worrying if these weren’t in fact ‘English-loving’ countries. The condition is even worse when we look at emerging markets: in Russia, only 5.2% people can speak English fluently, in Brazil, 5% while in China, less than 0.75%.

When you consider the fact that the total population of these three nations is more than 1.7 billion, it becomes clear that not translating your content can make your business actually miss a fortune. And your competitors may be avoiding this mistake. Major organisations realised how translated content can offer a huge opportunity and began using translation services long ago. No company can afford evading the potential that such a huge market can bring.

Most organisations prefer 12 languages to translate their content into and the most popular among them are German, Spanish, Polish, Malay, Indonesian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Portuguese. These languages are used by huge populations and so, they offer maximum options. However, many businesses state that a large part of their revenue comes from nations like Italy, Norway and Sweden and so, they take care of translating their content into these languages too.

Help from Outside.

Most organisations prefer outsourcing translation jobs to agencies instead of doing them in-house since they know that such companies, especially translate UK agencies, are experienced, efficient and affordable. These agencies offer a wide range of packages and are typically considerably cheaper in comparison to appointing and training an entirely new team of in-house writers.

Moreover, many translation agencies provide more than just translation services. They specialise in several other subjects, including video analysis services, eBooks, multilingual article writing, education articles, video courses and video tutorials and various types of creative materials. They may also offer freebies for their loyal customers.

Translation agencies can also help businesses regarding their social media management and other marketing tools, making sure their content receives the correct type of traffic.

Translation is not just converting one language into another. Localisation is also important so as to make the content more relevant to a foreign reader in connection with his particular locale. Translation agencies also take care of this and can help a business thrive further.

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