PyunkangYul Essence Toner Review

PyunkangYul Essence Toner Review

PyunkangYul is a skin care product developed from a popular Pyunkang-Oriented-Medicine Clinic in Korea. Including a simple packaging, this company is well-known for using legitimate chemical substances and only add a minimum and pure ingredients to their products.

PyunkangYul is very moisturizing and gently without stickiness. It also provides a nice slip that moisturizes, prep and balances the skin the next skin care stage without being overwhelming or tacky. This product was made specifically for patients with sensitive skin. It emphase in finding oil and moisture balance in the skin.

Improving hydration with PyunkangYul toner

Improving hydration with PyunkangYul essence toner it is simple and yet efficient oriented herbal. Instead of concentrating only on moisture, this product tries to re-energize a natural moisture-oil balanced mechanism of the skin to make it work better.

You can improve hydration with PyunkangYul essence toner, though it is slightly viscous a clear liquid that can perfectly moisturize and hydrate your skin. This product resembles HadaLabo lotion since it also works perfectly for hydration purposes.

It also provides a remarkable cushiony slip that allows the next skin care to absorb ideally into then skin. It is not too much water but just a liquid that is less sticky or completely tacky. It is also ideal for dehydrated and normal skin but it can be rather heavier for an oily skin.

Absolutely, Pyunkang toner is worth considering especially when you are tired of applying HadaLabo lotion and you prefer something oriental and hanging with intense soothing properties.

PyunkangYul Essence Toner Review

Benefits of PyunkangYul toner

  • It offers an effective result and simple formulation
  • No added preservative or fragrance
  • It is affordable given its effectiveness

Here are conditions that recommend the use of PyunkangYul essence toner:

When you easily suffer from colds or you suffer from cold edges due to poor circulation. When your skin tends to experience tight and dry, and if your skin can easily become irritated or red.


It has no preservative, thus it might expire fast than usual regardless of its opaque container.


PyunkangYul is extraordinary is numerous ways from the packaging, physique to the scent. Its cost is also lower compared to most of its counterpart. But for gentleness, it is just as simple as it is always. Improve hydration with Pyunkang Yul essence toner since it shows the existence of value under any skin condition.

You can always apply it when whenever you over-exfoliate or you feel like your skin is rough and dry. It does not do something fancy such as anti-aging or brightening, but it does a tremendous task at a basic work it handles that is anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.

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