Shrug Off Depression- Motivating Oneself

Sam Zherka Helps Shrug Off Depression- Motivating Oneself with Him

Simple changes in the lifestyle can actually prevent one from going through the depressing phase of life and come out of it. Well, visit any counselor and this is a stereotypical statement that you will come across each and every time. But again, this is much easier said than done. Those who go through depression actually knows what to go through, and even after realizing what needs to be done, they fail. Depression is that leech which sucks out the blood of life and kills all sorts of motivation, energy, focus, and interest.

To kick start the vehicle, you need to give a straight jump for the engine, but do you manage things while all the jumper cables need to assert for the spark plug? Sam Zherka, who has been motivating people for years, and knows how life gets hard, come up with some easy solutions which might be good enough for the beginners. He himself has gone through the phase and hence it gets much easier to realize the critical conditions one goes through.

Shrug Off Depression- Motivating Oneself

However, the first thing to realize is when one is completely reeling under depression, the usual productivity of 70 to 90 percent drops way down to 20 percent or something around. So trying to meet the original level of productivity will only enhance the anxiety as failing to achieve it will constantly be at the back of the mind. So it is appropriate to set small and specific goals during this stage. One can always raise the bar anytime when enough motivation comes into play. Since the original productive rate is more than 70 percent of an average, it means people are capable of doing it. Raising the bar unnecessarily and pushing it forcefully makes no sense.

Everyone has their best friends forever, and for depression, it’s the self-criticism which never tends to loosen their hands. If you keep on beating yourself up for being an unproductive lot, the feeling is horrible and you’re just going deep into this crap. Instead of finding your faults, keep finding the positives in your life. You’re the one who knows the best of your strengths and weaknesses. So harness the strong points, and start practicing the method of self-compassion. Nothing can beat it when you’re at the extreme low.

Psychological studies have already proven that those who go under depression will have low self-efficacy all throughout. So each and every task you go out to perform will be done with no self-confidence, which might be a big blow for both the performer and the performance. It is the lack of vision that leads to such results. Each and every task will have some brighter side if being completed successfully. Sam Zherka believes one must learn how to envision the future where the task will be completed successfully and how sweeter will the fruits be. The aim should be to enjoy the task and not just get it done. Simple and smaller steps can indeed help you come out of depression and get back to normalcy anytime.

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