Tips On Finding Flatbed Trucks

Tips On Finding Flatbed Trucks

As a shipper, it is necessary to book the right trucking mode and equipment for the freight. And while it is easier to identify what trailers to use, it can be challenging at other times especially when shipping a heavy load.

The various factors to consider when hiring a truck service include the size and weight the trailer can carry and how that fits in the transportation plans. More factors include the experience these trucking service have and expected delivery times. The nature of roads and accessibility of areas where the load is being transported will determine the transportation equipment. Thus, a flatbed may be more suitable for transportation in some areas than others.

The flatbed, therefore, has some advantages of shipping goods over other methods of transportation such as the hot shot trucking.

The following are some of the uses for finding a flatbed service.

Flatbed have a length of 48 to 53 feet, width of 8 feet and six inches, deck height of 60 inches, and a weight of 48,000 lbs. You can choose flatbeds for a number of reasons. Being extremely versatile, they can load a lot of materials or equipment with their 48 feet length or above.

They are used when there is no loading and unloading dock accessible at the receiving location. They are also more useful when the product requires side or crane loading.

Tips On Finding Flatbed Trucks

  1. Equipment handling: Flatbeds are usually used to transport tractors and farm equipment, as well as military equipment such as tanks and Humvees. This is because they are a safer alternative to driving the equipment on the road. Flatbeds are also used to transport parts of planes or other large machinery. The trucks are also fit for transporting these types of loads over a large distance.
  2. Super sacks: Super Sack industrial fabric is made to transport dry products such as sand, fertilizer, grains, peanuts or seeds with a load capacity of around 2000 pounds. It is then loaded on a pallet or using the loops on the bag and lifted onto the truck. Super sacks can also be used as flooding barriers and therefore can be transported to the target locations using a flatbed.
  3. Removal of scrap metal: A flatbed truck service may also be helpful when you want to pick-up and remove scrap metal from the work site to a scrap metal recycling facility from where it is then repurposed or purchased by another company. The trucks are ideal because they are easy to load and unload and are easier for dumping.
  4. Transporting building materials: Lumber or scaffolding as well as other materials such as concrete, brick, steel beams, and rods, even pre-fabricated materials of odd shapes can be transported using trucking services. The material can be loaded and unloaded by hand or crane from any direction. Using trusses, the materials can be hanged over the edge of the flatbed — some of it would not fit inside an enclosed box trailer.

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