Top 5 Female After Dinner Speakers

Most people associate after dinner speakers with males – mainly because they have been the dominant sex in the field for as long as the practice has been around. However, over recent times more and more women have emerged as successful after dinner speakers and this has changed the scope of the industry somewhat.

  • The speakers fall into a range of niches
  • With some well-known comedians while others rarely make the headlines but may have carved out a successful career in business, or another ‘quieter’ industry.

 It’s still fair to say

that men are more commonly asked to speak at these dinners, but we’ll now take a look at five women who are constantly seen on the after dinner speaking circuit. It goes without saying that some are more difficult than others to obtain, but it’s still possible to book them all via The Right Address.

Catherine Tate with Catherine Tate

Having her very own television show named after herself, it’s really no surprise to see that she is highly sought after in the world of after dinner speaking. She also established a reputation in her more serious role in Doctor Who and this means she is ideal for a variety of occasions. While one of her more popular sets is cabaret, she offers the rare service of performing in character – which can be an interesting experience considering the range of roles she has in her arsenal.

Deborah Meaning

  • You’re looking for a slightly more serious approach
  • Deborah Meade could be up your street
  • While a lot of her reputation has been forged in the world of business
  • The general public will know her as a panelist on Dragons’ Den
  • On that particular show she comes across as fierce and difficult to please
  • And this is probably the reason why a lot of businesses hire her as a motivational speaker

Karen BradyKarren Brady

is another woman who has made a huge mark in business, but she also happens to be one of the UK’s big celebrities. Admittedly, she’s no A-lister, but the fact she held the position of CEO of Birmingham City FC and is now the Vice Chairman of West Ham speaks volumes about her success.

 However, it’s her position on The Apprentice that has really boosted her reputation and has made her recognizable by most of the general public. Many businesses use her as a motivational speaker, but her football anecdotes are sure to be intriguing and bring something else to the table.

Michelle Monolith Michelle Money

Having an OBE to her name, this is another individual who is well-known to the public. Again, business is her forte, with Money responsible for creating the Ultimo bra in 1997. This success in business has meant that she is regularly picked for panelist television shows – making her an excellent speaker in front of large audiences.

Clare Balding

This is another woman who has the coveted three letters after her name, with Clare Balding also holding an OBE. Balding has established herself as one of the BBCs strongest presenters and has been part of some of the channel’s most terrific broadcasts. Sport is arguably her forte and this means that she can bring a wealth of qualities and stories to any occasion.

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