What you should about gas furnace

Agree that heating is an important component of comfortable living for all Canadians as the winters are frosty, sometimes with extremely frigid temperatures. Nowadays a wide range of heating equipment is presented in stores of North York. Gas furnaces have become extremely popular appliances for home heating. It would be useful to know that there are two types of such equipment: conventional and condensing with high efficiency.

Conventional Gas

Furnace is an appliance designed for living space heating with up to 89% of annual fuel utilization efficiency ratio (AFUE). Such devices are installed in a number of North York homes. High efficiency furnace has 90% AFUE and above, these devices are a bit more complex than conventional units. The main difference between conventional and condensing furnaces is heat exchanger technology that is used to get heat from the combustion process and the method that is used to exhaust combustion gases. Heating units differ greatly by these components.

it does not mean that condensing unit have a significantly more efficient combustion process than a conventional heater. Gas burners with electronic ignition are used in both types. The difference is in the fact that condensing heater includes a technology that provides more efficient heat extraction process. That is why there are some differences in repair and maintenance methods.

What are the main principles of gas heater operation?
Conventional gas furnace looks like a large box that performs following functions:

  • Takes cold air in
  • Purifies it with the help of air filter
  • Heats air up with a gas burner
  •  Steel heat exchanger
  • Then distributes warm air with a help of blower motor through your house ductwork.
  • Sometimes, humidifier is installed on the heater
  • Which helps to maintain proper humidity level in a room

Sometimes it happens that things do not work right and you need to troubleshoot a gas heater. North York experts inform that conventional units may have electronic ignition that needs special troubleshooting. If a breakdown of your unit is not that serious than you can repair it on your own if you follow special tutorials developed by North York repair companies. First of all, you should specify the cause of breakdown. So, let’s take a look at more common problems and ways to solve them.

One of the most common problems is that a unit does not produce a heat.
What are possible causes for this?

  • It means that thermostat is not working or set to low
  • A fuse that controls an appliance is blown
  • Gas control valve is closed, or there are some problems with ignition

How can you fix these malfunctions?
North York experts recommend checking that thermostat is set in heat mode with appropriate heating temperature (try to add a few degrees) then clean contacts of thermostat and replace a fuse.

Then it is recommended to relight standing pilot and troubleshoot ignition system. In the majority of cases these measures help to fix a problem when a heating appliance does not produce a heat. If all these measures did not help than you should call professional repair services. Elmer Rogers with the help of information provided by Mack Ward from Climax air about furnace repair in North York.

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