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Why Choose a Cremation Process for Your Loved One with Trident Society

Final departure of the loved one is the truth. No medical science, devices or technology can ensure you get back your loved one once gone into comma and laying in the ICU keeping you outside in fingers-cross condition. The final call is certain that everyone knows but when the doctor utters the final word ‘sorry’ how it feels that only one can understand who loses. The feeling simply frozen all your sensing power for a moment while you’re supposed to take the second most important decision that whether to bury or think of a cremation for your beloved. The most crucial question comes in everyone’s mind in the way of disposition, if it is not already decided earlier. The answer depends on one’s belief, finances, family situation, priorities and many other factors. Here comes beside you the major provider of crematorial services Trident Society based California to let you know the following facts and figures.

Trident Society

A Fact File- Trident Society Presents It With Due Diligence

Whereas, both long-established burial and new concept of cremation are preferred as the funeral services by Americans, the later boasts increasing popularity. As per record of Cremation Association of North America (CANA) that in 2011 in 67% residents of California has chosen cremation as the right choice for the memorial service of their loved one.

Furthermore, this number is increasing quite remarkably especially in all corporate American cities and towns. The basic reason of choosing cremation over the traditional burial concept can be well understood out of the following factors. Please read them with care and take a final decision for your loved one.

Price of Cremations and Burials

Apart from well-heeled people, for commoners unsurprisingly the cost matters. While the burial process is rather costly and requires you arranging casket (only the vault costs thousands of dollars!), plot, embalming service cost, burial fee or headstone; it is Cremation which is much cost saving and just by spending one-third of the entire burial cost you can complete the last services for your deceased loved one.

The Process of Cremation and Burial

With burial the procedure chiefly involves embalming work, preservation of body in the right manner ensuring not being decayed before burial, arrangement of casket and fast arrangement of burial followed by a funeral as per schedule made by family members. Burial system typically requires necessary preparation of the spot by digging the land and putting the vault in. Later, the memorial plot is maintained by the family members and memorial park people.

With cremation where embalming or bringing vault is pointless, the cremation procedure is carried out timely. The procedure can be well arranged with an esteemed community like Trident Society once the medical expert make sure the body is ready for cremation. Typically, the cremation takes only a few hours and following the procedure the remains are placed in a well decorated urn and handed over to the family in a small container.

What you get

Apart from having the cost benefit and time flexibility what comes in your hand in something invaluable. You get the remains of your loved one in the form of ash which you can scatter at holy places, in the deep ocean and keep it buried inside the urn in the backyard making it memorial of your beloved.

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